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Event ID 4226 Patcher txt help


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Hey guys quick question for you tech guys.

i have followed a few of the guides in terms of setting my internet connection to optimise it using speed optimiser and Event ID 4226 Patcher supplied by lvllord.de.

I had to install the the patcher using german txt (english wouldnt work). I realise that if i re-run/start the patcher again i can reset my 50 tcp/ip limit back to its orignal settings if need be. because its in german could some one give the the english translation as to which the follwing options for key options C and U are availble when patcher is loaded.

Ya is obviosly yes to setting it back to 10

Nein is obviously no

but it also has options for

C - limit aerden (limit what,, would you be able to select your own limit.

U - deinstall (uninstall, what would this unistall)

just to be safe i would like to know what the above options are for keys c and u.

basically i would like to know if i wanted to set it back to its original setting do i just select ya (yes)

i know this is a peculiar post but would appreciate any help thank you for your time

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Optimizing your uTorrent settings actually depends on what your linespeed is.

A lower-end broadband line will be burning up quite a bit of its limited upload bandwidth if running many half open connections at once. It would definitely be better off with a lower setting, especially if it's not firewalled in uTorrent.

A higher half open value also won't help much with most private torrents, since the trackers for them often only hand out 50 or fewer ips (of seeds and peers) at a time. And by "at a time", I mean once every 30 minutes or more. Even if the half open limit was set to only 1, there'd be enough time to try all 50 ips probably 5 times over in 30 minutes...and that's assuming 80+% of them time out after the maximum delay time. :P

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