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Port Closing Randomly


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Here is what I have to work with:

Comcast is my ISP

Modem from Comcast: WebSTAR/Scientific-Atlanta

Model DPX2203

Wireless Router: Belkin Wireless G Router

Model F5D7230-4

Vonage Internet Phone System

Motorola Internet Voice Adapter with Router

Model VT1005

uTorrent v.1.6.1

I have virtually no knowledge with networking and all these wires, but I think I have pretty much tried everything to forward my port properly, but the port will always close randomly at its own whim. I have tried to follow all the instructions I have read online. If I fiddle with one setting it will open; later that day or the next, the port will be closed. You know how back in the day, if your TV was messing up, you could just hit random parts of it and somehow it will work albeit for just a little bit; that's what my experience is like. I'll put an IP address in my wireless router's DMZ, or I'll do the same but in the DMZ in my VoIP router; I already properly (I think) set up a static IP address for my computer; I set my VoIP router to have a static IP address; etc., and they will all open the port somehow, but only for a limited time. For example, when I set the static IP address on my VoIP router, the port opened, but when it closed, I set it back to dynamic, and it opened again. One of the most recent things I did was enable UPnP port mapping, but the port did not remain open for long. Basically, when I change a setting, I have no idea what I am doing, but somehow I get a result regardless how small. Sometimes, however, I get no result at all except a stubborn closed port.

What the hell can I do to keep this port open FOREVER.

P.S. When I began typing this post, the port had been closed for at least an hour or more, but I just checked the port before I posted, and guess what, it's opened without explanation...

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