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the download is cancelled during the power cut


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hello dear,

i do not possess ups for backing my system during power cut.......

while downloading any thing... when power cut occurs and during the next start i can see no objects that i've started to downloaded that are half way....

i'm going to buy an ups but for the immediate need please send me suggestions to my e-mail id... sankar.edison@gmail.com....

thanks in advance....

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Search for "resume.dat" on here. It's sadly not-a-rare occurrence. There are possible ways to LIMIT this effect, however... after you start uT again, you will need to use a backup or re-add everything.

Addendum: search on my name for specific posts.. As long as you didn't have actual hard drive troubles, there is no loss of data. It will recheck when you add/change locations for each torrent.

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