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Built new PC - can't I paste in /AppData/Utorrent/* and keep my stats?


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So I had a previous build and it was time for a new one. I grabbed all of the /User/Application Data/* folders including the folder for Utorrent. 3000 or so .torrent files and these 5 files below. Once the new PC was done and Utorrent was installed, I pasted them into the new /App Data/Utorrent folder.





Opened Utorrent once more and none of the old active torrents loaded. I pasted in the 3000+ .torrent files and reloaded Utorrent with no luck. I thought I had done this the same way last year, so I am a bit surprised it did not work.

Any thoughts on how I screwed up?

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you missed dht.dat :P

Resume.dat stores the torrent info. If it's < 1 KiB in size it's likely blank. You need to be sure the files ONLY have those extensions. Double check they're not double like .dat.DAT OR .dat.txt

:/ Also you can check out BFE in my signature to see if the resume.dat is valid. It may have been incomplete. If you have the OLD counterparts you should check them out too. (rss.dat.old, dht.dat.old, settings.dat.old, resume.dat.old)

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