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A more customizable toolbar please :)


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Before any rant about the search function, I do have used it but could not find anything similar to what I ask as a future request... :)

Now the future request:

I know this will be shoot down as a total useless feature but anyway...

As it is now the toolbar buttons are 24x24 pixels but can we please have the option to also have 16x16 pixel toolbar buttons, and make a toolbar image with smaller icons is not an option as the buttons are still 24x24.

And also have the option to choose what buttons we want, as it is now I personaly only use the start/pause/stop buttons, if we could have the option to customize the toolbar to only show the buttons we have use for as you can in ex. winzip/firefox/winrar that would be great and it would not take any resources to add that feature, it could be done in a similar way as you add/remove the columns in the list view.


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