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Some problems under wine with rc4 b11468, is it working in Windoze?


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I use linux and run utorrent under wine now, so it's likely the problem lies there. I just would like someone to check that it works in windows if possible.

The problem looks like this: If there are several torrents loaded with the same name - that is if they are created from a folder with the same name (but with different content of course) - the last added torrent overwrites the previous ones if they are moved to a "finished jobs"-folder.

My setup is having a "Torrents\Finished" folder structure in utorrents program folder where utorrent is set to use and store .torrents in, respectively. I also keep settings.dat in the program folder.

Here's an example:

Say there's two torrents both created from a folder named "Moonshine", the first containing "Moonshine\Moonshine E1.avi" and the second "Moonshine\Moonshine E2.avi". When I look in the folders where I have configured utorrent to have .torrent files in, I can see that both these torrents are named Moonshine.torrent - that is one in the "Finished" folder (containing E1) as it's completed, and one in the "Torrents" folder (E2) as it's beeing downloaded. When E2 is finished, it will overwrite the .torrent for E1 the next time it's started. When you restart it a second time (I guess all torrents are kept in memory as long as utorrent is running), only the last downloaded torrent remains. If more than two torrents of this kind are used and added and downloaded simultaneously, they get numbered increasingly, but that numbering is not transfered when moved to the "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:"-folder.

(When trying with stable version, the (numbered) .torrent files are not moved at all from my "Torrents" folder, which I also find a little strange, but that is not to bother about...)

If this is a true bug and affects windows too, I guess the problem is that the "existing filename check" is only used once, and not the second time the .torrent file is moved. If there's some windows filesystem function that handles this normally and that utorrent makes use of, it would be nice to get a reference to that so the wine people can fix it.

Please leave a note how this work out in windows, even if there's no problem! Thanks!

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I'm quite positive there haven't been any problems before, as I have used a similar setup in windows for a long time. I noticed that even if I removed torrents from utorrent and then reloaded them again, utorrent added numbering to the .torrent file names in the "move to when finished"-folder even though it was the exact same torrent. And of course there wasn't any problems with torrents having the same name with different content either, be it single files or torrents made from a folder of the same name, they all got a number added to the .torrent filename.

So, just to be clear:

1. Can you clearly confirm that when utorrent 1.8 handles such .torrent-files as described - they all get overwritten by the last one?

2. What does 1.7.7 stable do with the same configuration?

Also, I just noticed that if you manually rename these torrents in the utorrent main window (when hash checking anyway, haven't checked actual downloading but I guess it should be the same), the .torrent files gets that name when moved, so utorrent does not auto-name based on the folder name.

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