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Move files from temp dir to selected dir after completion


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This has been requested before in this forum:


And I'd like to request it again.

I'd like download dir and temp dir to work as it does in DC++: Before the download starts you get to choose the download dir. The download then starts and downloads the files to a (default) temporary directory. When the download is complete, the files are moved to the previously specified dir.

I know it is possible to to something similar to this, download to a temp dir and then move the files to a default comlete dir, but I'd like it to be moved to a folder specified before downloading, without having temp files in that specified dir.

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Nope, not quite the same thing. It's what I do now, but that way all torrents end up in the same dir. I want my downloaded videos to go to my video dir, music to music dir, etc. My uTorrent dir is quite a mess right now.

It's possible to move the files afterwards by stopping seeding, moving the files, setting the dl location to the new dir and starting the torrent again, but it's quite a hassle for such a relatively simple thing and more than once uTorrent somehow set completion to 98 or 99%...

As I said before, it is possible to download to specified dirs, but I dont want those specified dirs to be full of temp files. One reason is getting kicked/banned from dc-hubs for sharing incomoplete files, the other is I dont want the other folders to be "infected" with temp files.

So... are these valid reasons and is it a reasonable request?

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Well, if it was requested before you shouldn't have made a new thread about it. Duplicate requests are usually trashed without response. There are several requests out there relating to more robust directory handing... mainly either scripted (aka "guess from torrent name") or multiple-end-result directories.

uTorrent has two directories you can use currently. Enabling "append label to directory" can effectively filter further, but it requires some more insight and a stable category list. Have you even checked out the "append label" option in Preferences? Check out the manual from the http://utorrent.com/download.php page for a description on minimal usage. Ideally you set the label on add... but as long as you 1) have it move to a completed directory 2) have the label set before completion you WILL have separate directories for your music,video,game etc.

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This feature should be put in to make temporary directory actually work.

The option to move completed downloads ony works if you want all your downloaded torrent in the same path. This is mostly not the case.

How it works now (not using move completed dl to): I start a download, I get to choose where I want the finished files to end up, as of now the files downloads directly to this folder.

How it should work: Specify a temporary dl directory for all incomplete files of torrents dl:ing, start a dl, specify the destination dir, during the download the files are stored in the temp dir and when they are completed they are moved to the destination directory I specified.


Implement a MOVE option for the data of a torrent. As of now the "Set dl location" just doesn't cut it since you have to: Stop the torrent, move the files, point to the new location, recheck the data, start the torrent again. This is 5 steps that could easily be implemented in the software.

Put it next to "Set dl location" and call it "Move data to new location" or something. This could be done to incomplete torrents aswell, and move all data completed so far and then restart the torrent and continue the dl. A sweet ass feature that I think many would appreciate.

Both options are a viable solution for us who don't want our temporary files at the download location and can't use the "Move completed dl" since you only are allowed to specify 1 dl location (and labels don't help since this can be different drives).

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+1 .. I use the Firefox BitTorrent WebUI extension to add new torrents directly to a dedicated uTorrent server. I don't want to have to specify labels one at a time, or RDP in to a machine, or install locally and still have the dialog box in my face, or any of that weakly suggested junk. I want the completed download to move where uTorrent is supposed to put the darn thing. Yes, even after it completes! What's wrong with that? (this is an excellent request b/c it really, truly, badly needs to get done)

The above "temp directory" solution above is not the way to go (current folder settings are fine), but we really do need away to easily get a completed torrent to simply follow the "Append the torrent's label" option to work (please).

Solution is simple: right-click advanced menu option "Re-check move completed download to:" .. or you can name it "Verify directory location" .. or "Re-check directory location"

That's all we need folks (by "we" I mean everyone .. that is, except the few naysayers that seem to really, really enjoy directly editing text files)

Thank you

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