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Improved Labeling


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Today, I was trying to sort out my torrent in uTorrent and it came to me that the way Label currently work is very limited.

Seeing I have a list of over 20,000 torrents and that navigating around them take time, I usually Label them in group, but as the number increase in each group I have to become more and more specific to easily find what I want.

For example:

The files I have in the >ANIME Label are now numbering over 5 thousands, but even though I would like to make sub-group it appears to be impossible.

Something like expanding >ANIME to find a list of Series I own. Like >Anime > Amatsuki or the likes.

Having such a feature would certainly benefit anyone seeking to put some order in their lists of torrents.

I for one would greatly enjoy such a feature to be implemented, seeing I used to use Azereus (yes the slowpoke) which had this features, I find it a bit sad uTorrent doesn't have this ability.


Thank you for reading!


Seishin Kan


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ah I did not knew the terminology for this, so it is called Nested Labels, that's good to know.

On a side note, I have exactly 21,657 torrents loaded in uTorrent as of today. And no it doesn't take time to load nor does it slow down my PC. So I'm not sure what you're saying about 'resume.dat'.

If I had to compare uTorrent and Azereus (my old client), Azereus would take about 3-5 minutes to load and WOULD slow down my PC a lot. uTorrent, for me it work like a charm, never had ANY slow down with it so far.

I wouldn't care less if you believe me or not. Since I came here to request a Feature and nothing else.

There is many things I can think of that would make uTorrent stand out even more then others Client, but considering how well it run on my PC I can endure anything :D

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