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Error: The semaphore timeout period has expired.


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I have now got this error message on 2 different torrents. each time after two different events. the first time happened after the hard drive i was downloading the files to was failing so i copied all the files as they were to another hard drive then restarted the dl, it started checking the files and one of the torrents gave me this error at about 8% checked. the second time i got this message was after a utorrent crash and when i restarted utorrent it checked all the torrents and one of the torrents gave me this error after about 26% checked. both times was while it was checking files. and both times it was only one out of about 5 torrents being DLed the rest continued just fine.

the first time it happened i got the message each time i tried "force re-check" which i tried twice i then removed the torrent from the list and reopened the torrent file that i had saved and it still gave me the message.

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