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why wont it STOP????


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23 minutes ago i right clicked the file in the list and pressed the stop button on uTorrent 1.8 build 11813

it is the only file in the list

as IS usual i wait until the upload/download counter in the status bar slows to read 0 traffic up 0 traffic down...

usually takes a few seconds for it to slow to a halt

except it's still ticking away

it is staying under 2k per second in each direction,

but it is definately NOT stopping...

i hit the big red button on the menu bar,

and watch incredulously as the speed goes up to 1.9k and down to 0.1k...and then back up, back down...

it simply wont stopppp.......

(worried about file corruption - am going to unplug the internet)

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curious, long ago i moved my torrents to a portable drive, that way i can carry them from machine to machine, depending where i am for the day.

This worked reasonably with 1.7, and works even better with 1.8 (the "check" always matches with 1.8),

however i have notied that with DHT on, it is only ONE system that refuses to stop when i tell it to, that system slows to a crawl (as described), but refuses to stop.

all systems use the same O/S (XPP), but they are all different kinds,

one is full retail (stops), one is corporate (stops), one is VLK (stops),

and the troublesome PC is a Branded OEM (not bog-standard OEM) (will not stop).


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