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Strange Priority Bug


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So I've downloading a rather large torrent of a series. I have the first season set to high priority, and the rest all set to low. For some reason, a few of the low priority ones download completely except for the first and last chunk.. and NONE of the high priority ones were [even near] complete. This issue appears to affect multiple(three) torrents of mine. In two cases it's three(ya, both cases) of the low-priority files downloading first. In the third it's just one file out of many similarly-sized all-normal priority files which downloaded first(rest are @ ~30-40%).

I thought priorities were to ensure priority of download/bandwidth. Am I not correct?

It's kind of weird, because I have to increase the priority to download the first and last chunks. Or these odd-ball low-priority files just sit at 99% for quite a long while(other low-priority files become > 90% complete).

Just really weird when in a 'sea' of low-priority files, where some are STILL @ 0%... and just a few are: 59.7%(1), or 100%@(2), and the next nearest is 24.5%.

I don't recall this happening in older versions, and I almost always have done this method on large torrents. As I recall the first version I used of uTorrent was 1.4. uTorrent 1.8 is the first version I've had issues with. Still can't coalesce writes... which seems to degrade disk performance. But that's for/in another thread.

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