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ogeez, having port forwarding problems


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I have followed the port forwarding guide properly, but yet continue to have recieve the "Your port is not forwarded" in uTorrent's port tester thing. I have protocol encryption enabled, I've followed suggested uTorrent settings based on my connection, blah blah. I've looked through a lot of guides and whatnot, but no matter the changes, the port refuses to forward >:

I use:

uTorrent 1.8 (build 11813)

Eset 3.0.657.0 antivirus, no firewall programs active aside from windows firewall, which has uTorrent under exceptions

WRT150N Linksys router

Rogers Cable

My speeds are in the low 20s area for non-heavily seeded torrents, and the number of connected seeds/peers usually is close to none. Whereas for really active torrents (which I seldom use), I can climb up to the 600s and average around 350, regardless of my pathetic number of connections. I really don't know what to do anymore *_* I'd really appreciate some help.

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Share on other sites is what it told me when I ran the command ipconfig/all, but the IP that it displays on other sources says something along the lines of But since the router only allows you to insert 3 numbers into the end of 192.168.1.xxx when single port forwarding, I opted for the former result.

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