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It seems that having downloaded the usually excellent Utorrent on my new (vista OS) computer it doesn't yield any meaningful search results.

It worked well enough on my former PC, I'd type in the name of movie/song in the search window and could choose from a range of sites to search. It would then go to the usual extensive list of files with that search word included in the title.

Now, I have only google and bit-torrent as options and of course bit-torrent is the one to choose here. I do so, search for the movie/song and find absolutely nothing.

For example, searching for Royksopp (a Norwegian pop group) it takes me to http://search.utorrent.com/search.php?q=royksopp&e=http%3a%2f%2fwww.bittorrent.com%2fsearch%3fclient%3dutorrent1770%26search%3d&u=1

and there are 0 results.

On my former system there were quite a few, despite the relatively obscure nature of the band.

So what's going on? Any ideas would be enormously illuminating

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