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Teredo seems to be slowing downloads


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Hey guys,

Im not sure if this has been fielded before, however im pretty sure that teredo is messing with my torrent downloading and uploading.

It seems to be adding itself to my routers port opening section, and whenever i try to disable or delete it, it is simply comes back. It only started this after the install of 1.8.

The funny thing is that when teredo re-enables itself, it turns off uTorrents opened port and screws up my connection, i have to keep going back in to my router setup to open the port i use for uTorrent again. However teredo just turns it off again after a set time. It only started doing this when I installed 1.8.

Has anyone else experienced this? And have a fix for it??

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Belkin router + wireless = complete disaster!

They may be ok for LAN traffic, which probably won't create more than 10 connections total.

But BitTorrent traffic with 100+ seeds+peers (each one using 1 connection) will KILL it.

The router probably can't handle UDP packets very well...which DHT, Teredo, and Resolve IPs uses.

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