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I have questions... please, don't think their stuid...


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Hi, this is the first time I used the uTorrent file... I was told by someone I know it was safe and I read some of Utorrent's FAQ's But I was wondering why my virus protection keeps activating.

The FAQ said something about it detecting worms and told me how to turn that off in my virus protection. But it didn't tell me WHY it would think there are worms.

My anti-virus poped up wanting to know if I wanted remote access between torrents or something. I said not at that time. I'm a very privet person, I don't want worms in my computer or backdoors so people can wander into my systems, so please help. I remove the remote access from my windows and erace my history every change I get.

Is this pogram safe? Is there a way I can shut everyone out? Like a lock or something that is sure and will remain in effect till I wish to remove it? I'm a loner, it's nothing against any of you people, but I don't want to have to deal with people I don't want in my system, there.

What is this shairing it's talking about? I've read everything but I still can't grasp a good enough picture in my head of what Torrents actually are for and if their just for downloading, why do they have a shairing option?

Is there a way to turn that shairing option off? So I can just download with it.

Also, I don't see an unintall option anywhere.... if I deside I can't work with this how do I remove it? My mother downloaded something onee and when I went to remove it it had no uninstall anywhere and I had to reinstall my OS to get rid of it, it was spyware and atrojen... that's why IT had no uninstall option... so That has me very worried.

Please help!

And Please have patience with my odd questions.

Thanks in advance

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Ok, Thanks, I'm still worried, And untrusting of the fact that they don't add an uninstall option to the files, or a remove option. I know it would add some to the files size but not that much to my knoledge. I'll look at those guides... I had trouble navigating threw them. I'll try again. Can anyone answer my other question? Why do they tell me how to remove part of my worm protection? Why is my anti-virus sensing worms if there aren't any?

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My anti-virus poped up wanting to know if I wanted remote access between torrents or something.

What antivirus?

Ultimately, with the paranoia you've described in your opening post, torrents are NOT for you. The torrent protocol is a many to many download acceleration system. It is NOT one where you get all your data from central servers.

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I think I have a right to ask questions. I Wasn't suspicious(I don't see it as paranoia) until I realized there was no way to remove it from my computer. It never said anything about that and the last thing that was downloaded that had no way to be removed caused me a lot of problems.

I was looking for help. Not to be snapped at, or treated like I'm an idiot. I know it seems like idiot questions to you and as the tag below your name says, You don't have to be nice. But I haven't had a lot of chances to deal with people, so I would apriciate some tollerance please. And if my spelling's bad, sorry. I have Dyslexia.

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Norton is one of the problem ones.

The "Worm Protection" has been known to block legitimate traffic on FAR TOO MANY occasions for power users to consider it reliable.

http://virus.gr/portal/en/content/2008-06%2C-1-21-june <-- also, detection rates for true positives are not exactly the best.

The way Norton has been the past few versions, it protects your system from viruses by using up all the resources itself.

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I'll take a look at that link, thanks. Is there a directory or something with files the users download then? Since you guys said that those files were open to everyone? It sounds to me like it's kinda like You tube except you download it to your computer instead of streaming the content? I also still don't understand why they don't put a removel tool in the files.

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Answers to your questions (random order):

- How Torrents work?

First you need *.torrent file. You can download it from various websites (can't give you any on this forum but its not hard to find them). You 'run' the file and it starts downloading using uTorrent (or any other torrent client like "BitTornado" or "Azerus"). There is one big diffrence between downloading via torrent and normaln dowloading via web browser. When you download file from server your download speed is dependet on server speed (eg. Server speed is 1000 and there are 100 peoples downloading files so everyone can download with speed 10 (1000/100 = 10)). When you download from torrent you also share pieces which you already downloaded with other peoples, so overall speed is increased by speed of all peoples (eg. server has 1000, and every user 10 so they can download with speed 20 (1000 + 10*100users = 2000; 2000/100 = 20)).

- Is it safe?

Yes and no.

* uTorrent downloaded from this website is 100% safe (no viruses, adware etc.). * Downloading torrent files from websites might be unsafe if you use fake website (pretending to have torrent files but insted installing virues), so its best to ask friend for good torrent websites.

* Downloading files via uTorrent is basicly safe, but you need to establish connections with remote servers which can be (in very very rare cases) unsafe (having good firewall helps)

* Many thing on torrents are pirated stuff (illegal), and sometimes peoples who create adware and spyware like to put there their programs. You think you are downloaded something nice, but it can be virus or something (but this happens very rarly on torrens and if you check comments before downloading then chances of infection are slim to none.

- How i can uninstall uTorrent?

Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Add-Remove programs (and ther you search for uTorrent).

- My antivirus/firewall complain about uTorrent. What should i do?

Antivir shouldnt complain about uTorrent at all. Firewall may ask you about connections to internet. You, of course, say yes and allow incoming and outgoing connections to this program so you can download and share stuff.

Antivir can be worried about stuff you downloaded using uTorrent but if you are carefull on what you are downloading then youre fine ;)

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