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No Uploads Allowed


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Hi everyone

I have a wierd problem and was hoping to get some answers here. My apartment bldging has banned uploading while downloading remains at unlimited. I was wondering if there is an option in u torrent where i can completly disable uploading...

If not, then my u torrent days are over :(



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Uploading is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED in BitTorrent/uTorrent.

But if it's just a matter of no uploading while downloading is unlimited...just limit download speed max well below your connection's max speed.

Try the 2nd link in my connection for more conservative settings than Speed Guide (CTRL+G) gives as well.

You may need to disable DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of an active torrent)...to also reduce connection load on the shared internet connection you have.

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Thx for ur help...i will try to do wat u suggested.

in the meantime, can u recommend me any other p2p softwares that r safe enough to use and at the same time dont require u to upload anything?

I might sound like a leecher but believe me i dont have any other choice. Till yesterday i was happily sharing since a year now....


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