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utorrent crashes daily


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Hi there

I've read through the crash thread and searched the forum without success, maybe someone out there can help?

I'm using utorrent 1.7.7 on a dedicated torrent box, and for a few months it has crashed daily. Basically I'd leave it to download/seed overnight, and the next morning there would be a crash report asking me to relaunch.

more info:

- running a clean install of windows xp

- using a P4 2.80 Ghz with 1 gig of ram

- also running apache and folding@home. I have tried turning them off but the problem remains.

I have a whole bunch of crash dumps, but no idea what to do with them..

any ideas?

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From your crash dump it looks like NETw5v64.sys is causing the crash. The only search result for it points at an Intel wireless card being the owner. Update your drivers for whatever you use for networking.

PE and HJT logs can and should be posted to the forum, I for one wont look at them :P

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Well your PE logfile shows 1) slysoft's advd DLL 2) trillian's event handler and 3) rocket dock's dll injected. So I'd see if you get the crashes without those programs hooked/running.

From HJT it looks like you have/had ad/mal/bad-ware installed :/ but don't explain the crashes more than doing as GTHK suggests, making sure both your mfg and oem don't have updated drivers for your NIC.

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