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uTorrent Mac OS X Version Found Bugs


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Now utorrent for OS X has been leaked to People, it now seems appropriate to report the bugs people have found.

Current Bugs I have found:

1) Quick Look does not work

2) Create Torrent Does not work

3) HOGS CPU! (intel Mac (Core Duo) on Mac os x 10.5.5) Like 90%

4) No details on peers at all

5) No Help (Non essential for beta testing)

6)Going to view then customizing the toolbar makes utorrent crash

Anyone else care to expand?

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There is to but I am not going to prove it as we all know we cant link to other sites.

Note to Firon: We who beta test this are doing you are favor to test the software for you so instead of having all of your team looking at it the load can shared out so the developers don't need to be looking at it extensively. We are only trying to help you guys out.

To thelittlefire how can we be punished for doing something good for the developers eh?

Firon: If you don't want people testing this alpha software please tell us, and I will remove myself from testing it, and other should do so.

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Understood, but we are not asking for support? This is just a report not support.

Firon: When this is Publicly Tested I will help you in reporting the bugs (Don't trash this post just hit the pause button on it, if you think that is best).

For people that are interested in the Mac utorrent version http://mac.utorrent.com/ that will come up with place to put your e-mail so when it is publicly tested you will get a email.

Update: Just fixed the URL.

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