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very slow uploads and downloads


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Hey all. Thanks in advance for any who take the time to help out.

I'm getting max 8kb/s up or downloads. At the moment, getting only 1kb/s on the open office torrent.

The speed gauge applet thing tells me I should be getting more than 1mb/s down and 100kb/s up.

I've set up a fixed IP and an open port, green light and all that. I've changed the port a few times.

I've checked to see if my ISP is throttling, and it isn't.

I've gone through the troubleshooting guide - for everything except trying without the router. Can't use without the router, as I don't know the info for the connection set up, and the housemate who does is away.

Any ideas?

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Thanks, Switeck.

As I say, I've already been through those guides. So my settings are on the most conservative options. Encryption on, DHT off etc...

I have my max speeds on utorrent set to half what the speed test applet tells me my actual upload capacity is.

And I've tested whether my ISP is disrupting and according to the test applet it isn't.

I'm only running about 20 torrents. There are people waiting to download from me, and sometimes they'll connect very briefly for very slow speeds, but more often than not then they disconnect really quickly.

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What I mean is that I have about 20 completely downloaded torrents available for uploading.

My actual upload capacity is at the moment more than 200kb/s, on the first of the speed test applets, and 400kb/s on the other.

Should I 'stop' some / most of them?

I've had many more available for uploads getting much faster speeds on a slower connection before...

/// EDIT:

So I've stopped all torrents except the open office torrent, and I'm still only getting 1kb/s.


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Mmm ok, you must be right there Switeck. Still, my torrents haven't been uploading or downloading at more than 10kb/s on this connection, and right now don't go above 2.

My queue settings were actually set to 1 at once!

I have no idea about the connection here, unfortunately, as the housemate who set it up is away. I've checked on the net and there seems no mention of the problem on forums where these problems usually arise pretty quickly and thoroughly for ISPs in my country.

I have run a test online that actually found normal downlaod connections to be slower than bittorrent connections, and found the bittorrent connections to be giving upload speeds of ~35kb/s.

Really have no idea what is going on here...

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Have you tried seeing how fast the OpenOffice test torrent/s download on your connection?

(1st link in my signature for how to find them.)

Those torrents are KNOWN to be extremely fast 24/7...if you don't get amazingly high download speeds on them, then we can know your uTorrent problems are not due to "bad torrents".

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Yeah, I've tried the Open Office torrent, get downloads on that of max 1.5kb/s

I turned off 'peer exchange', but now can't see how to turn it on again - the right click menu in the Trackers tab has the option greyed out. But I think the tracker is down - might explain. (no idea what peer exchange is)

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