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UTorrent Interfering with my Internet Browsers...


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First & foremost, all the UTorrent vets thank you for reading this post. I greatly appreciate the free help and assistance that you guys graciously give on a daily basis to people, such as myself, that are experiencing problems.

Now to the problem: I downloaded UTorrent a week ago. Everything was working fine until about 2 days ago. Whenever I start up UTorrent, it prevents me from connecting to any web sites on my browsers (IE, Firefox). Applications such as AIM, Skype, WoW all work fine, but my web browser can't seem to connect to a single web site. This browser connection issue will not stop until 5-15 minutes after UTorrent is closed.

I've tried reconfiguring my upload speed, reinstalling UTorrent, enabled protocol encryption, and nothing works. About during the same time I began experiencing browser/utorrent issues, I downloaded the free trial of NOD32. There are some postings in the forums where I've read about complaints with NOD32 & UTorrent, so I immediately assumed NOD32 responsible was for this entire mess. As a result, I terminated the NOD32 process (couldn't find an exit button in the menu), and opened UTorrent and Firefox - the same problem continued.


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2nd link in my signature gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

NOTE: Max sustainable UPLOAD speed is far less than max download speed for most connections.

Also try the latest v1.8.1 beta. Numerous connection fixes have been made since v1.8 came out.

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