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utorrent crashing server 2003


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i currently use utorrent 1.8 (build 11813) running on windows server 2003 SP2, and access the server over RDP (home network).

my problem is when enabling scheduler and setting my download limit to 1kB/s, the server stops responding and needs restarting over and over until i disable scheduler...

i usually have my dl limit set between 40 - 50kB/s at peak times which works fine.



*edit* just setting the download limit to 1kB/s has the same effect :( crashed again lol

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Stop responding is the same as a crash? If you're trying to stop downloading, why not change Scheduler to Seed-Only?

I'd say a crash dump would be useful.. not sure if Task Manager works like Vista in R2, so you'll likely need to do this:

When µTorrent freezes, you can actually force a crash dump to be generated, like so:

In the Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer, look for the [PID] of the µTorrent process. From there, File > Run > ntsd.exe -p [PID] -e [PID] -c ".dump c:\jit.dmp;q"

where [PID] needs to be replaced with the PID of the µTorrent process found in the process list viewer (don't include square brackets). The resulting dump can be found as c:\jit.dmp. Do this when µTorrent hangs, and post the dump.

Under Windows Vista, ntsd.exe no longer comes installed by default. In this case, users can force a crash dump to be generated via Task Manager's right-click context menu for the µTorrent process, compress it, then upload it.

Upload the dump to mediafire.com or savefile.com.

Whoops, yeah update to 1.8.1 RC too please and check again.

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updated to 1.8.1 RC and problem solved :D though client is banned at blackcats :(


i only dropped the speed to download a file to my desktop, and rather than pause/stop my torrents temporarily killing the speed seemed the fastest way.

thanks for the help :)

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