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Port forwarding issue


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The problem is i can't get to forward my utorrent port properly.

My lan router opens a forwaded port different from my utorrent settings.


Router listens on wan_ip:5500 redirected to private_ip:5501

Utorrent listens on private_ip:5501 , but can't get incoming connections because it reports 5501 that is only localy open.

So i need a way to listen on local 5501 and report port 5500 to tracker.

Any help please?

I don't have any access to the LAN router, any settings under utorrent that can bind 2 ports or change incoming port that is reported to tracker?

Or any software that can open a copy of a localhost port?

For example if i listen on 5501, it will open 5500 and redirect to 5501, in this way i can get incoming connections.

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Have you tried to use another port altogether?

A suggestion try a port that is bigger than 5500 add another zero on top of that see if you get the problem as many ports default to a particular service on a router, hence the change in forwarding the port from 5500 to 5501.

Also see if you are behind a transparent proxy. Give google a go with the search term "find if you are behind a transparent proxy" the second one down should tell you.

If you are that will be mucking it up as well.

Hope this helps.

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