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uTorrent makes my whole connection crash :|


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After working perfectly for I don't know how much time, suddenly when I start uTorrent my files start downloading and then after a minute or so, boom! the speed begins to decline until there is nothing. try to open internet explorer and everything is dead.

i try to access my router and nothing.

then, after another minute or so, it comes back on. explorer works fine and my router shows the connection time like it wasn't disconnected. and of course, if i let utorrent run it will happen again.

this only happens with utorrent. i can d/l in explorer or an accelerator at 700k/s for days with no problem.

the port indicator always shows green.

tried disabling dht and protocol encryption. didn't work.

i have a fairly new router so i don't wasn't to replace it unless i'm absolutely sure that it's the cause.

can someone help my lost soul? without utorrent i am nothing. nothing at all.

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