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Download/Upload List's Missing


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First poster here so a shout out to all the community!

Thanks for letting Torrent noobs hang here and learn a bit from you fellas. did my research and read the rulz before posting.

So my computer suffered a Utorrent crash the other day, waited a few seconds then couldn't help it hit ctrl+alt+del, terminated Utorrent.exe then waited a few moments for the PC to recover but with no success. had to do a reset to get out of the lock.

I launched utorrent hoping for the best but typically as expected i had corrupted the file responsible (resume..?) that logs all download/upload torrents, OUCH! this has happened once before on another ed2k P2P client too. so i proceeded to upgrade to the newest version 1.8.1.

Did a few searches here on the forums that revealed some info on Resume.dat, i believe this is the file in question lol!

i ran "%appdata%\uTorrent" found 2 files: "resume.dat.old" and "resume" it was suggested to open it with "Benncode" or something similar, which im not familiar with so i used notepad!

The ".old" had one line of code so as a previous post suggested i removed the term ".filegard" from the entry, saved then closed but nothing happened!

I resorted to clicking a few of the downloading missing .torrent files to reactivate their downloads

The "Resume" file showed plenty more torrents entries with some garbled text in between.


1)should i begin to remove all .filegaurd keys and see if it loads the missing .torrents in Utorrent or delete some entries first?

2)Is there another way to recover the downloading torrent files again?

3) is there a way to re-link my completed torrent files back to utorrent ?

4)are there any tools i can use to recover the downloaded file segments?

Thank you all for reading my problem, any advise on how to proceed would be much appreciated.


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If your .OLD only had fileguard it is "blank" ;)

Resume (DAT file) ... is resume.dat, your OS just hides "known" filetypes. No worry there. Garbled text how? Can you take a picture? If BFE loads resume.dat correctly it's possible your files/settings/queue aren't lost. Be sure to back it up, remove the one .FILEGUARD at the top of resume.dat (Are you saying there are > 1) save it. Then try to load uTorrent keeping in mind if it doesn't show what you need, you'll have to poke at the backup to see what's wrong for it to load for you.

Your downloaded data is unaffected by uTorrent's list. The data is still there where you saved it.

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Thank for the reply Fire.

where can i download "BFE" from is it a programming software?

You are correct there is only one ".filegaurd" in the first entry related to file i haven't started download. do i just delete the words .FILEGUARD from the entry. Doing that just removed all the Torrents AGAIN from the download list! OMFG.... Here are extracts from my resume.dat file

d10:.fileguard40:F7747A1728F6765F2101F5C3A4999021A09BA1FF52:Alvin and the Chipmunks[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.torrentd8:added_oni1223823757e6:blocksle9:blocksizei16384e6:cachedi0e7:caption44:Alvin and the Chipmunks[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG5:codeci0e12:completed_oni0e7:corrupti0e3:dhti13e12:download_url0:10:downloadedi0e9:downspeedi0e7:episodei0e10:episode_toi0e8:feed_url0:9:hashfailsi0e4:have351:

Just delete that and save?

This is what i mean by Garbled text :

ÖŒþq11:last_activei0e3:lsdi8e5:movedi0e5:orderi9e21:override_seedsettingsi0e4:path42:O:\Temp\Deception.2008.DVDRip.XviD-AMIABLE6:peers60:4:prio2:5:prio2i1e7:qualityi3e8:rss_name0:7:runtimei0e9:scrambledi0e6:seasoni0e8:seedtimei0e7:startedi0e9:superseedi0e19:superseed_cur_piecei0e4:timei1223898912e11:trackermodei0e8:trackersl44:http://vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org/announcee7:ulslotsi0e8:uploadedi0e7:upspeedi0e7:use_utpi1e5:validi1e7:visiblei1e12:wanted_ratioi1500e15:wanted_seedtimei0e5:wastei0e8:webseedslee42:Entourage.S05E04.HDTV.XviD-0TV.avi.torrentd8:added_oni1223854980e6:blocksl8:ì ÿÿÿß8:Þ C 8:= í 8:w ÿÿÿ{8:

ÿ 8: 8:Ô 8:. 8: ýëÿý8:0 ÿÿÿý8:k ÿßÿÿ8:³ 8:^ ÿÿ 8:» 8:5 8: ÿÿÿ_8:È ÿ 8:¾ ÿÿ 8:f 8:€ ÿÿ÷ÿ8:î ùÿ 8:¾ 8: ÿÿ? 8:6 8:¢ 8:Ä 8:/ ÿÿ? 8: ÿÿÿ8:Ð 8:} ÿÿ 8:À 8: e9:blocksizei16384e6:cachedi0e7:caption34:Entourage.S05E04.HDTV.XviD-0TV.avi5:codeci6e12:completed_oni0e7:corrupti24117248e3:dhti13e12:download_url0:10:downloadedi41287680e9:downspeedi0e7:episodei4e10:episode_toi0e8:feed_url0:9:hashfailsi46e4:have59: A @ "@ 4:info20: ……®cyCÐ'

){0-¬11:last_activei3033e3:lsdi8e5:movedi0e5:orderi26e21:override_seedsettingsi0e4:path42:O:\Temp\Entourage.S05E04.HDTV.XviD-0TV.avi6:peers633732: ÿÿÀ¨e ÿÿUåC5‰ ÿÿWÂ>"ÕÈ ÿÿY˜nî¶ç ÿÿbÒŪÕÈ ÿÿcí

xö ÿÿuÇót¾? ÿÿyÒ"fï@ ÿÿ€=xem½ ÿÿÃåò6«0 ÿÿÜÿ¶£› ÿÿ8ÕÈ ÿÿQxÊÍ( ÿÿ;``L‹] ÿÿDÚbñ<? ÿÿEž58œç ÿÿFóþ\c ÿÿKÛÕ¿c ÿÿL¬žuÕÈ ÿÿPÅÐÆ" ÿÿQì;O" ÿÿTʨº) ÿÿVÔàïÊ

Ok while trying to figure all this out it seems BOTH my .old and new RESUME files are empty and have one line of code.

all is lost it seems... :-( and utorrent loads with ZERO torrents in the list.

Should i follow the "migration procedure" found here "http://utorrent.com/migration_guide.php" to fix my old .torrents and files?

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ok thanks Dread, Fire.

This has been of most help, although i wasn't able to recover the .dat file i managed to get most going again , just have to add my already completed torrents!

On a lighter note, i'm confident this wont happen again now thanks to this community; also my client is now running much better thanks to the FAQ/Stickies sections.

Your work is much appreciated.


see you around


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