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Torrents stuck at 99.9%


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You're SURE there is nothing listed in the General tab for http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_does_Wasted_and_hashfails_mean.3F

Have you checked the site where you got the torrent from to see if others experience the same thing?

Does it happen with http://slackware.com/torrents/ or http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ ? I mention both because to verify, you need to complete the download and not all the torrents for slackware are small so I'd use OOo if you are on a quota with your ISP.

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Okay. My torrents are working well now. I unistalled the existing client. Restarted my PC and installed a fresh copy. But now, the client says, that the port i am using for utorrent is not forwarded properly. I get the red ! mark in the lower part of the window. What could be wrong? i have checked with the modem, its configured properly. i have the same settings since 2 years now. Never had a problem with the port forwards. Please help. Thanks.

I had Norton Internet suit. I just uninstalled it and installed kaspersky. utorrent is working like charm. Thanks to all you of you who assisted me. But i still dont know what caused the initial problem. Thanks.

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I find that most of the time if you are getting "stuck" chunks then it is often a problem with a router or firewall. Here's what I would do to try and get that last percent (or fraction of a percent) finished.

. Check to see if you have a bunch of failed hash checks. If fails are minimal continue.

. Make sure all chunk(s) are available. (click on the torrent. In the torrent info area click on the 'files' tab. Make sure there are no red piece(s) in the status bar(s).) If chunks unavailable, If chunks unavailable well your out of luck unless someone reseeds.

. Pause the download. Wait 3-5 minutes and restart it. It's good to exit utorrent also during this time.

. Disable firewall, Exit utorrent. Reboot your router (better to power cycle, unplug for a minute or two). Try and make sure no DMZ or such is on the router. Restart utorrent.

Most manufacture firmware is not optimized for P2P traffic and it uses algorithms to shape/streamline traffic. Unfortunately due to the large number of packets being sent with P2P a chunk or 2 can be corrupted by these algorithms. If this is your problem then hopefully doing the above helped by clearing the router cache and a few other thing in the reboot, It might be worth it to look into aftermarket firmware for your router if your router is compatible. Do this at your own risk though as it can also cause more problems than fixes.

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