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µtorrent 1.4 wont start at all, process locks up


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I had same problem with this as i had with the previous beta released.

Absolutely nothing happens when i click utorrent to start, then i try again, nothing opens, but then appears:

"It seems like utorrent is already running, but not responding

Please close all utorrent processes and try again."

Then i go to task manager and try to manually shut down the process. I press end process, task manager gives the usual warning, i press "yes" to stop the process, and... nothing. Trying several times, no luck, its there and stays.

Then, i try to shut down PC. It wont, as it cant shut down the process, so i have to switch off power.

Tried after reboot, and its the same. Process is still running when i write this.

I have no problems with 1.3, it has been working like a dream, so i guess i stick with it for now.

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