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new to torrents and very new to utorrent, help?!


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basically i'll give you some history so maybe you can help with this problem. i started with Bittorrent, downloaded 1 file perfectly, the next time i came to use it, it wouldn't download anything. the blue arrow would turn red after a few moments and the file would just sit there not doing anything.

i now have uTorrent and the same thing is happening. i have forwarded the ports and done a speed test correctly i'm assuming, but the file's just won't download.

is this something to do with my client or maybe what files i'm choosing, i'm not sure.

any help appreciated!



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Click Trackers tab, look at Status column. http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_do_the_red_icons_mean_on_the_torrent_status_icons.3F

For the record, Bittorrent 6.x from http://bittorrent.com IS uTorrent+ ;0 That likely explains the similarity of problems.

Does the same error in the Tracker Status persist on downloading http://slackware.com/torrents/ ?

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