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Green Network but why do all torrents turn red certain time of the day


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I've not seen this problem posted elsewhere and I'm at my wits end here. The same thing happens every single evening between about 8pm and 10:30 BST. All my torrents turn red within the space of 2 or 3 minutes. It's been doing this for months now. The speed grinds to a halt and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it until it decides to rectify itself and the torrents turn back to blue/green between 2 and 3 hours later. The network light is green and my port is forwarded no problem.

What the heck is all this about?

I normally use Dimeadozen, Traders Den, Demonoid and Jungleland but this is irrelevant because even if I use other trackers they'll still all turn red between these times. My IP doesn't have a problem with BT as far as I know and my local exchange is not congested at any time.

I'm running µTorrent 1.81b on XP SP3 and haven't used the TCP/IP patch.

Is there anyone else out there with the same problem that knows the solution?


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2nd link in my signature gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

NOTE: Max sustainable UPLOAD speed is far less than max download speed for most connections.

Bad settings may work ok with many torrents...then cause all kinds of problems on very busy torrents.

You may also need "clever" use of Scheduler to manage settings due to time-of-day bandwidth limits.

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