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Renaming Torrents to keep seeding them.


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Hi, I'm new, and have no idea how to rename a torrent after it's downloaded, even move it's location. I've searched for it, but no good help found. How can I do whatever I want with a downloaded file, not changing the size/content, but keep seeding it? Is it possible with utorrent? It doesn't matter if I have to do 100 things manually, I really hate those horribly long filenames you download with all kinds of .,-() you know what I mean? Thanks in advance for the answers! :D

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If it's a single file torrent like worlds.greatest.tv.show.ever.2x05.HDTV.AGTV.avi

Once the file is done downloading, stop the torrent.

Make a copy of the original file and move it and rename it as you see fit.

Then Right Click the torrent in uTorrent and choose "Set download location"

Point it to the renamed file.

Restart the torrent.

After it finishes Checking it should begin seeding.

Once it's sucessfully seeding, you can then safely delete the original file.

It's best to always use a copy as I've had the odd glitch where something went hinky and the file got wiped and had to be redownloaded again from scratch. It shouldn't happen and actually hasn't happened to me in a long time, but best to be safe just in case of wierdness.

Torrents that incude a directory structure can be a bit tricky. And torrents with multiple files can only be moved, not renamed. Best to only do this with single file torrents.

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I have tried this method and after I stop the torrent, I then make a new folder on a new drive and copy the video file out of the original torrent folder. once done, I right click the torrent in the client, go to advanced, set the download destination, and what happens then is the copied file (in its own new folder) then contains the original torrent folder, and inside it is the original torrent video file. The original torrent folder is now moved from it's original location into the new folder with the copied file.

WHY??? grrrrr

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