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Public tracker = slow / Private = extremly fast


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I have a real bad situation here: whenerver I try to download from a public tracker, no matter if it has 1 or 10000 seeders and peers, I always get slow speeds. In a 100 KB connection, the most I get is 30 KB.

Then , I started downloading from some private trackers. The torrents has way less seeders than the public ones, and with only a few of them connected, I get 100 KB ALL THE TIME.

I mean: 10 public seeders = 30 KB

50 public seeders = 30 KB

100 total public connections = 30 KB

7 private seeders = 100 KB

Why does this happen?

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It still seems likely your ISP is screwing you over, either by throttling/disrupting BitTorrent and/or giving you a slower connection than they claimed to.

But just to confirm...

What settings are you using in uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window?

What measured speeds down and up do you get when you do a speed test?

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I can download at 103 KBs (high speed http server) and upload at 32 KBs (in uTorrent, imageshack and badongo). I also thought it was my ISP, I even started looking for a VPN, when I just downloaded three private torrents at maximum speed, and to confirm, i downloaded another from other tracker, and the same: max speed.

I tried to configure it both as the speed guide and as it says here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259. None of them worked.

If it is indeed my ISP, you think it is possible they would throttle only public torrents?

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So in my speed guide, you choose nothing higher than 320 kilobit/second upload?

Did you try very low connection max?

Like 10 per torrent and 20 or fewer global.

net.max_halfopen set to 1-4?

Disabled DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs?

Even try forced encryption outgoing and NO incoming legacy connections?

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here we go: set net.max_halfopen to 3 (it was 8), and i got from 30 to 59 kb/s (isn't mnore half-opn connections a requirement for torrent to work?)

disabled ip resolve. dht i vever use cause my modem simply doesn't handle it.

upnp i use to configure my modem. does it change something?

i always set it as 256 kb/s, not even 320... forced encryption always on...

so, as I said, it sudenly raised to 59 kb/s, then it fell back to 30 kb/s and now it is in 55... can someone understand it???

i think the trick was net.max_halfopen, because I always had like 60 seeder connected, but only 5 where active...

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You could lower net.max_halfopen at times to ZERO and uTorrent could still work...but it cannot stay 0 all the time, as it cannot update trackers while set to 0.

Incoming connections do NOT count against the half open connection limit.

Did you try disabling ALL those other things?

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