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Too many connections


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i've recently noticed, that uTorrent makes insane number of connections, which result in my router being overloaded. I'm using WRT54G with newest tomato on board, and i've already raised the max conn. limit as well as lowered tcp timeout to 300, but i think it's not the main problem.

Currently in uTorrent "Preferences->Bandwidth" i set up "Global maximum number of connections" to 600, but it doesn;t seem to obey this rule. using System Explorer i can often list more than 1500 connections from utorrent, which of course complies with what i see on the router side.

Is there any solution? Any one had similar problem before?

For now i'm dropping idle connections manually from the router admin page, but this is obviously temporary solution.

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No, System Explorer counts them separately (and there's not so much of them: 2 maybe 3). Besides i can see them separately on the router's page (TCP and UDP conn.).

I've got quite decent line - 20/2 Mb, so i've set up that amount of max conn so i can use it's whole potential while downloading multiple torrents at a time. Max conn. limit per torrent is 100.

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