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There is no upload button in webui,in Chinese webui..


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Hi all,I just restart my utorrent,and my utorrent webui changed to Chinese interface(formally English interface).

And then, I can not find upload torrent button in the ui..

My utorrent is,I deleted the webui.zip in "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\uTorrent", and download a new webui.zip from http://utorrent.com/webui/webui.zip, copy it to the directory.

Still, it display Chinese interface, and there is no upload buttom..

So,how can I change the user interface when I logged into webui from Chinese to English?

Or how can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot.

ps,my utorrent running in a Windows 2003 server, I visit webui from an WinXP workstation. Both computers are Chinese OS.

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Thanks all.

I changed the language to English, but still I can not find where I can upload an torrent...(it was there when I installed utorrent)

I tried firefox 3, and ie7 in vista, both are same.

I think may be the ui file is broken.I want to reinstall the webui, but not utorrent.

What files should del?


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I just had the same issue with mine, but I didn't change the language. All of the buttons across the top disappeared. I found this thread from a Google search.

I was able to fix the problem simply by pressing Escape while in the WebUI. It will prompt you to "restore the interface". Hit OK and you *should* be ok. Worked for me!

Edit: After posting, I realized I brought back a dead thread. SORRY!

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