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queueing not working right


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Hmm, ok well force start doesn't obey the queue. As far as changing the individual torrent, it should update the ETA and then continue on. I'm not sure about the retroactive shortening... it's working here.

I recall seeing something about "finished" torrents seeding until they connect to a new peer, but since your scenario IS upload-based it's obvious you're connecting to peers. So I have a theory it relates to Force Start. Could you try to recreate the scenario reliably? :)

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are you using the same build?


first seed torrent to global ratio of 150%

after torrent finishes force start it.

i let mine seed seed to about 160%.

then start the torrent.

it keeps running.

also how often does it check the torrents?

if i start a torrent thats at its ratio and it queues up how long will it stayed queued b4 it finishes?

btw whats the translation of your signature?

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