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Internet browsing issues.


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Hi Guys,

Having a bit of trouble, its only happened over the last 4 hours or so while trying to configure uTorrent.

My problem is that whenever I have uTorrent open Firefox seems to get network time out and page not found errors while trying to visit pages. This is fixed straight away when I close uTorrent but when I open it again I get the same problem.

I spoke to my house mate earlier and she seemed to be having connection trouble as well so I put it down to the isp but have just realised it only happens when uTorrent is running.

If its any help I used TCPOptimizer to configure my setting but reverted back to the backup when I realised something was wrong but it didn't help. I also tried to install the Event ID 4226 Patch but after downloading I got a message from agv that it was mallious software, which I ignored due to the nature of the patch. Upon running the patch I was told that it was unable to install as I don't have the rights to do so, which completely bemused me.

Also I thought I had fixed this problem last night when changing the upload rate to 45kB/s but the same has happened again this evening. The torrents download fine but it sucks up all the bandwidth and makes surfing the internet impossible.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this problem?

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Thank you very much, it fixed eventually Over the past couple of days I have realised it only happens in the evening. Fixed it last night but not sure if it is something to do with my connection speed dropping in the evening to accomodate for the large amount of traffic in my area?

Will take a look at the recommended settings link thanks.

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