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Strange Error Message While Downloading


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A very Brief rundown. I'am using utorrent 1.61 on my new computer which is 80gb with windows XP. the utorrent used to be on an old 40 GB computer but I saved it to an external hard-drive.

I load 29 files onto the BT Client, I get very low seeds on around a third of them from between 0.7%-43% over a course of a few days and the red torrent status icon was on most of the files but it was still downloading but very slowly

I am using a small external pay-as-you-go broadband modem/dongle and the speed of that is 3.6 Mbps for the internet connection.

I have Norton Protection installed on my computer and it stated that the 'Identity' and 'Internet' were secure but my 'Computer' was at risk and it needed an update. I pressed an update button but nothing happened.

So I go away for a couple of hours and the items had not seeded, some were on zero and it had been like this for 3 days. Then this message starts to appear on around 7-8 of the torrent files

'The (---------NAME OF FILE------------) The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.'

I then see that My Norton 'computer' status had been updated and is secure.

1. Could the Norton security application be the problem

2. Do I need to start again with the most up to date torrent application.

Your Help would be appreciated.


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