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UI Bug on Build 13481: Sidebar has unexpected appearance


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The aliasing or font on the bubbles have an unexpected font or appearance:


Comparatively, this is NetNewsWire:


And this is iTunes:


Additionally, it would be expected that the bubble widget scales to the size of the number and uses colors that are consistent with other applications.

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I think what billatq means is that the font/aliasing inside the bubble is not consistent with other applications. I'm not sure, but a solution may just be to make it bold.

Also, I think the font of the selected item, e.g. "Downloads" (The font that turns white) could be bolded when selected, to match other applications such as iTunes, however this does not happen with other applications such as Mail, so it is the developer's choice.

Either way, NoOneButMe is correct, the current interface does match Apple's HIG (Human Interface Guidelines).

Anyways, great work on µTorrent Mac! =D

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