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Brand new & in need


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Very fresh to the site, I have no clue where this should be posted but I'll ask here anyway.

In the peers section:


Does the upload section:


have anything to do with how much I uploaded to them?

Because currently, I have over 5 people at the same exact position in percentage [all at 94.8%] & I have the torrent completely downloaded at 100%. Im concerned because this isn't the first time this has happened. Thier percentage is high but the amount uploaded [image above] is low.

Is this a problem or should I just live with it?

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Doing so now...

All are music files.

-- After recheck, torrent at 98.7%. I have no clue what happened.

I haven't even looked at the folder in which the files are in...

-- Since this has happened, what do I do now? I've uploaded the torrent

to a site [not specifiying unless asked]. Should I remove the torrent,

delete the torrent from the site & re-upload it?

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