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what excaclly can slow down my surfing speed in utorrent?


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for a very long time and also in versions 1.8 and 1.8.1 and now in 1.9 every time i download something

it slow down my surfing speed quite significacly and i'm not the only a lot of people i know complains

about it is it possible that because the connection in this country is asimetry and not simetry that we

have this problem? my connection is adsl 1.5Mbit vpn pppoe meaning approximatly 200KB download 18 upload

but even if there is no upload at all just download it still slow down my surfing signifactly so please try to check

it out in your new version and if you have any ideas of things i can change in the softwere options that would be

great and thanks in advance.:)

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