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Help Manual and Forum Search didn't help (seeding, ratio data)


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I've spent nearly 5 days understanding u torrent's online/bundled help manual and searched forums/wiki to resolve my queries. Though both resources are ones of the best. But still, the following are unresolved:

1. When a torrent is seeding (after finishing download), and on the general tab, it is showing availability of 1.94. Does that availablitiy is including me? I mean, if I stop seeding, will the availability for others will be left just 0.94?

2. Is there any method to check the availability for a stopped/not-active torrent?

3. Similarly, is there a way to know how many seeds and peers are there in a stopped torrent. And the number given in parentheses under seeds and peers includes me also or not. In other words, when in peers column it is showing 2(3), does that mean I'm connected to 1 peer of 2 peers, and does 3 mean including me or except me?

4. Is there a way to know how much I've downloaded/uploaded since I installed utorrent?

Or, what is the way to know my overall ratio?

5. Is the information of 'How much have I downloaded/uploaded for a particular torrent' retained in cross sessions of utorrent (i.e when I reboot my PC)? And if I remove a torrent and then re-add it, if there is a method of knowing how much had I uploaded for that particular torrent or not? Or when I reinstall utorrent, is the upload/download information is still retained?

6. When I've reached the seeding goal, (and, after that, even if I've clicked 'Stop') why still, in subsequent sessions of utorrent, sometimes the seeding starts again. Or there is no method of stopping it other than removing the torrent from the list (or the contents).

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1> availability does include you.

2> no

3> No

4> help - show statistics

5> Across sessions where you didn't delete the torrent, it will continue to show the ratio and other statistics. Once you remove it, the local stats are removed. Ultimately ratios are meaningless to speeds, especially when you cross sessions.

6> Are you using the pause or stop function? Do you have a speed set for when seeding goal is met?

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Thanx Dread.

Pls excuse me joyless/serious writing (though I'm not a serious guy):

1. Though you seem to have answered, I just wanted to listen clearly, if you would, if the availability is 1.94 including me, will it be left only 0.94 if I pull out?

3. When number in the peers is showing 2(3), does that mean I'm connected to 2 other peers or only one other peer?

5. What does it mean that ratios are meaningless to speeds, especially across cross sessions.

6. I'm using stop button. Do you mean that it shouldn't start seeding again if I use stop button? [i'm aware that I can set the speed to be zero after reaching speed goal). But I just wanted to know the effect/extent of 'Stop' button. Or do I need to 'Remove' the torrent from the list?

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3) connected to 2 peers. µTorrent thinks there's 3 in the swarm (but the count can be wrong for many wrongs).

5) ratio is irrelevant for your speeds. There is no global credit system or anything. All that matters is what you upload to one peer really. The more you upload to someone, the more they upload back to you.

6) Stop means stopped. It won't ever start without you explicitly hitting start again.

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