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Protocol Encryption Questions.


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Hello All,

You can consider me a totally new guy on the P2P world, yet I found it's an amazing way of sharing.

Also Thanks ALOT for uTorrent.. a hassle free easy to install and extremely easy to use Client..

My thoughts are the following..I'm planning to use a new ISP because it offers less price but with a p2p throttle feature after a specific amount of downloaded Gb's .

And as I found that torrent is a awesome way of sharing..I surely will miss it.

So I found out about PE and how to enable/force it on uTorrent thanks to the handy help.

The question is: Will enabling/forcing PE would affect the speed of download/upload at any mean?

If yes..whats makes that happens?..One of the peers using a non-supported client in PE or what?

Thanks Alot In Advance..


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Well..I planned using that ISP just for low prices it offer for bandwidth...Current one I use doesn't but its extremely pricey..at least for me..

Last but least..I'm from Egypt..so I think it would be hard to find that ISP on dslreports.com

Anyways it clear in the Ad The ISP made and users Report p2p connections to be throttled after a certain amount of bandwidth used.

Oh and I do not have much options about choosing which ISP to use...

1- Pricey ISP that has unlimited downloading/uploading bandwidth.

2- Quite pocket friendly one that throttle p2p but not http.

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Just to bounce off your reply...

"If you only allow encrypted connections, then yes your download+upload speeds WILL probably be decreased if you didn't need encryption to get around your ISP's throttling/disruptions."

^So if my ISP isn't on the list it is preferred that i have it disabled? (Currently I have Allow + Enabled)

As I use ChampionBroadband and I don't think they throttle

{If this should be a sep. thread, sorry}

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