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Why is net.max_halfopen suddenly a problem?


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Why is net.max_halfopen suddenly a problem?

Something must have been changed in some recent release of uTorrent. Ive never had issues with this before.

Lowering net.max_halfopen (or closing uTorrent) solves internet speed browsing proglem.

Why was net.max_halfopen ever increased? My computer had no problem what so ever with uTorrent before I updated it. I hear lowering net.max_halfopen will make torrents start out slower, but who cares if it takes 20 seconds or even one minute longer to download a torrent? It really has no impact, and if the price is disabled internet access then that is of course not an option at all.

I really think you should lower net.max_halfopen back down to the original values again, but that is my opinion.


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