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139 seeds but I'm only getting 9


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Hi guys. On "MiniNova" web page is shows----"139 seeds, 2155 leechers " for a torrent I'm downloading but in "uTorrent" program it shows----"12(154) seeds, 99(2275) Peers".

1) If there are 139 ppl seeding why am i only getting 12?

2) Are "leechers" the same as "Peers"?

3) And what are the numbers in ( )

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I understand that "connecting to more doesn't GUARANTEE better speeds"

1) OK but----if there are 139 ppl seeding WHY am i only connected to 12???

2) and if I'm getting about 154 kb/s from 12 seeders would it not stand to reason that 24 seeders would give me about 308 kb/s???---- ie double the seeders = double the kb/s

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1/ 139 is the number of seed registered in the tracker stats. Of course this number is not the truth because the refresh is not instantaneous.

When you start your torrent, uT asks the tracker and this one sends you a part of IP that are seeds, not the all ones.

You don't need to be connected to all the hypothetical swarm to reach good DL speeds.

2/ You can be connected to ONE seed and get 300 kb/s or to 15 seeds and get 150 kb/s. If seeders don't want to share with you, increasing the number will not change the situation.

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12(154) seeds

12= connected now seeds

154 = total seeds found

Same goes with peers

Now imagine everyone from 2275 be connected to all seeds... Even if they have an average of 100KB/sec max upload bandwidth, everyne will get 100/2275= 0.04KB/sec..

*154 = 6.7KB/sec (And propably less since noone can maintain so many connections)... It will kill their connection for nothing

With that system 12 are willing to give you at a decent speed, but you get in queue since you arent the only one...

You are pretty lucky if you get above 150KB/sec average in this torrent where seed/peer ratio is low

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