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Upload to ONE Leecher is slow, full Speed need 2-3 Leechers?? Fix??


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I am using Win XP Pro 32bit SP3, AVM Fritz Router/DSL 7170 <> Realtek LAN. My halfopens are patched. Needed Ports should be open, no error Messages. Fast and acutual PC. No Provider limitations (German 1&1). green network status light. setup like speedguide suggests. no download speed problems discovered so far. also tried initial seeding. using utorrent 1.7.2. cannot try with newer version atm (and dont't think this is the problem).

I discovered slow upload (seeding) speeds of only 1/2 or 1/3 of my available bandwidth (1mbit), when I start sharing/uploading a new torrent and there is only one or two peers connected and leeching from ME. (It's not a limitation of the leechers downstream bandwidth).When I cancel all and everything and only this one torrent is running ready for seeding to the one leecher, it changes nothing. So I don't even think this could be wrong or not perfect settings in utorrent.

Anybody has a clue what the problem might be, why I need 2 or 3 Leechers to achieve my full upload speed?

Is this a windows problem and do I have to change something with MTU or buffers/send/receive windows?? Or do such settings have no effect on router/DSL combo only pure modems?

Would appreciate any qualified help!


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...You are aware there is a stable 1.8.1 is a full year more current, right?

--- 2007-07-21: Version 1.7.2 (build 3458)

--- 2008-10-07: Version 1.8.1 (build 12639)

You can test yourself by making a new connection to a client you know about (you) on the correct IP:PORT (your external, not LAN IP). . . and checking how fast you upload. It may be the ISP, or you need to set more upload slots. Generally max upload slots = (UPLOAD_LIMIT / ACTIVE_TORRENTS >=3 KiBps) divided among all torrents

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Thanks for your answer but I understand none of this exactly ;)

How can I test myself with only one pc??

What does the number of upload slots affect if i only have one torrent and one leecher?? Can you give me exact number examples for what settings you had in mind for my connection? It is 1mbit up, app. 15mbit down.

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I don't understand what you want to say.

I do not have "that much" upload? What does that mean? Sorry, but sounds totally senseless to me. I HAVE full upload but I need at least 2-3 leechers for achieving this!

The only "client I know" is ME! So there is nothing to test I would say...

ehm, btw, just saw your signature... you can write in german if you like...

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I have exactly the same problem as netperv.

If only one leecher ist connected to my own seed, utorrent uses not my full upload bandwidth,

even if there is no other torrent and definitely no upload from other applications active.

This problem is not new for me. It affects all versions I used so far, currently 1.8.5, with

Windows XP or Windows 7. I asked some friends, they have the same problem.

OK, somethimes I have full upload, even to one leecher. Maybe there is a problem with

different utorrent versions? Currently there is an slow leecher one one of my torrents, and

she/he is using 1.6.1.

kind regards

edit: The torrent where my Leecher gots ~30 KB/s (100-120 available) from utorrent, I'am testing

it now with deluge. And instantly, he gets full upload from me. So, the problem belongs not to my

system or internet access, even not the the leecher. The problem is utorrent.


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