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Hard disk trashing


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uTorrent now works for me at speeds previously unattainable. My previous client was BitComet, from which I'm searching for an alternative. µTorrent is the best choise.

However, there is one serious problem. Since I'm on a fat broadband I download and seed numerous torrens simultaneously. µTOrrent's download cache handles the downstream well enough, no problems. But my HD is put to hard work managing uploads. Even with global upload speed capped at ~200 kb/s the harddisk has to work at a MUCH higher degree than under BitComet. This is a severe problem because of significant heat buildup.

I have understood that µT does not manage (cache) uploads, instead leaving this to Windows' cache routines. This seems like a sub-optimal solution, as indicated by HD work load and heat buildup and compared to BC. I hope this is taken seriously, and looked into. Otherwise, all reasonable requirements of a BT client is fulfilled in µT.


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