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utorrent tracker error


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here... Just signed up today. :-) I have a quesion about tracker errors...

I have forwarded some ports using the following settings:

55600 to 55615

TCP mode (not UDP)

entered my ipaddress (

Next, in utorrent, I set "Current Port" to 55605, checked that the port is forwarded properly, and it is.

My problem is that when I try to download a torrent, my status icon is always a red downward pointing arrow. I have never been able to download a torrent with this router. According to the utorrent FAQ, this means "the torrent is downloading, but there is a tracker error".

I'm not sure exactly what a tracker is, or how it works. Could anyone please offer some advice?

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I'm seeing:

DHT - "waiting for announce..."


[PEER EXCHANGE] - "working"

...and then a whole bunch of random "http://blah blah" which are mainly "connection closed by peer" and a couple "offline (timed out)". They're all counting down to update, but once they update, nothing happens.

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None... I recently reinstalled Vista Ultimate, installed all the updates, installed Office 2003 with all the updates, Adobe Reader, and a few other minor apps. No internet security though.

BTW, I was having the same problem with uTorrent before I reinstalled Vista.

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I'm not sure exactly what the correct Windows firewall settings are. But, I checked in the firewall settings on the "Exceptions" tab and uTorrent (TCP-In) and uTorrent (UDP-In) are both checked.

I also tried turning off the firewall, rebooted, but I'm still having the same uTorrent problem - red status icons...

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I appreciate all your help... This really is a stubborn problem, isn't it!?

OK, so I looked in the windows firewall settings, but I didn't see DHT/LPD in the "Exceptions" tab, so I added a new exception on port # 6887. I am still seeing a red status icon. Nothing has changed.

One more thing...

I was looking through the uTorrent connection setup guide (http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php) and it mentions that we should enable protocol encryption. I tried that, using both "Enabled" and "Forced", but still nothing!

I am living in Japan and have recently switched ISPs. When I switched to the new ISP, I got a new router because it is a completely separate company. But, when I was with the last ISP, I was having no torrent download issues AT ALL - it was soooo fast. For some reason, I'm having all these issues with the new ISP.

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