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Drunk Upload - Uploaded transfer size increasing unless I send anythin


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Hello all.

I just start to use uTorrent and fixing some parameters. To try a file download I searched for a torrent and downloaded it. The opened it in uTorrent its downloading now. Everyting is ok till now.

But when I want to analyse the software during download, I see there are something going from my pc. Because uploaded file size is always increasing. But I havent started any file upload proccess yet.

Can you please tell why my uploaded transfer size increasing? What uTorrent sends something from my PC?



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Thank you DreadWingKnight,

I looked at guide before I post my topic. I am posting the comment as the same:

"Uploaded displays the total amount of data you have uploaded since the torrent job was added"

But my question is this :

I havent started any upload proccess. Why is the upload transfer size increasing ???

What uTorrent sends from my pc? Where it uploads something? Besides it does this without my permission.


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