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Starting new torrents in a throttled mode?


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Hey there, I've done a search, but come up blank...

Is there an option I can choose that will automatically assign a bandwidth limiter on the upload and/or download speed of each individual torrent? If I'm grabbing a few torrents at once, I don't want one to interfere with another torrent that I'm already seeding, for instance. Hogging all of my bandwidth, and all.

I know it is possible to adjust this value manually after loading a torrent (I've been doing that, but it gets old fast), but I'm wondering if there is an option that allows for a default value set for all new torrents.

Thanks, and THANKS for the great tool!


edit: Oh, looks like it has been moved from General to "Feature Requests"... I guess you can't do it currently. If that's indeed the case, then this is my vote for it in an upcoming release. ;)

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If I undestand you correctly: Try preferences/seeding priority/Check box seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks might help

It helps a bit, but I would still like the option to start all tasks throttled, and then unthrottle specific ones. (ie, let's say your ratio is crap at one particular private tracker, you'd like to throttle all uploads but those specific seeds/leaches)


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I think that if you set a global max up/down limit, then force-start the ones you want to have unlimited bandwidth, you should get what you're looking for.

(But I'm not 100% sure if force-starting actually circumvents that limit..)

Just tried it, unfortunately that doesn't do the trick. But thanks for the suggestion!

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