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Non-Existent Upload Speeds


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Hello forum,

Originally on Vuze, just switched over to uTorrent. The trouble I seem to be having is, while I am experiencing fairly decent download speeds (between 300kb and 1.0mb depending on time of day and location) I have nearly non-existent upload speeds. Since I am an active member of a private file sharing site, I prefer to seed back everything I download 1:1. My upload speeds are essentially zero and sometimes perks up to as much as 0.6kb. Some times the uploads spike to 50kb or so, then drop down to zero. Please help! My settings are below:

Download Limits - I have lately limited it to 500kb to see if I can open up the upload

Upload Limits - set to automatic. Have tried changing these but nothing is working.

Connections: Global limit: 60 Per torrent limit: 35

I have enabled Distributed Hash Table network and Peer Exchange for public torrents. I tried to de-select them, but that did not seem to work either

Queues: Actime transfers limit: 8 Active downloads limit: 5 (I usually do 1 file at a time maybe 2)

And I randomize the TCP Port upon launch so it is ever changing. I have yet to find one with good upload speeds.

My NAT seems correct. My firewall is off. Any help would be great.

Thank in advance!

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I'm having the same problem. Using private trackers as well. The ones who does not allow this version of uTorrent simply won't even let me download, but the other trackers allow this, and I can download fast enough. But the uploading won't work..

A couple of times I've seen the speed gone up to 100, which is my maximum.

Has never before been an issue.

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I too have the same issue. I have just switch from a PC to my Macbook. On the PC torrent worked fine and I always maxed out my 200k upload speed without fail.

Now that I am on the MAC my uploads speeds only hit 200k intermittently at best and when they do its only for 30 seconds before it drops down to 0.2 - 6 k a sec.

This is really poor because my download speeds suffer because my uploads are so slow. I also experienced similar issues with Vuze and Transmission. I was hoping since I have used utorrent on my pc for so long it would work here but no dice.

I am actually using my fiancees 4 year old laptop to dl torrents instead of my shinny new macbook because it works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also this happens with any tracker... public or private

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I've just discovered I have a very similar issue when seeding a torrent that I created and posted on private tracker. Most of the time I have no problems with upload or download speeds, but I found here that so long as only one peer was connected to me I could upload at my full speed of around 230k/sec with no issues. However, the moment a second peer connected, my speed dropped down to around 0.2k/sec and stayed there until I stopped the transfer, restarted and waited for 5 minutes or so before it started all over again. I've had to resort to seeding this torrent from Vuze, which for some reason only gives me half the upload speed, but at least it doesn't keep dropping out every 5 minutes.

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