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Wierd behavior with download limit setting


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First, I'm on 170 KB/s Down, 28 KB/s Up connection as reported by speed tests.

When I put in a value in the download limit, for example 100 or 130 KB/s, my downloads aren't slow, but they aren't as fast as usual and don't come close to the limit I set.

When I put in 0(unlimited) for the download limit, my downloads take off like they were set free from some constraint.

Does using a value in the download limit slot some how throttle your downloads and slow them down even if you aren't approaching the limit?

*edit* This is amazing. One torrent went from like 12-15 KB/s to like 50 KB/s after I put 0(unlimited) in for the download limit. Before I changed it, my download speed wasn't even close to the limit I had set so there was no reason for the torrent to stay at 12-15 KB/s. This can't be just coincidence, I watched it for too long and then bam, the download increases soon after I put in 0(unlimited)

*edit* Hot damn, they're all picking up. I'm downloading at 111 KB/s with 0(unlimited) download setting. I was barely cracking 50 with a 130 KB/s set as the download limit.

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