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utorrent Winxp sp3 KIS 2009


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I had utorrent 1.7.7 with winxp sp2 & kis 2009.

Everything was fine.

I have a 256kbps unlimited connection with utorrent download transfer in the range of 29-32kbps.

But after i updated to SP3, i tried utorrent 1.8 versions.

I got BSODs. the BSODs are different everytime.

so i gone back to utorrent 1.7.7. with winxp SP3 & KIS 2009.

Now a week ago i did windows update.

After that i am getting only 22-26kbps.

also i did some speed tests, it showed 200-220kbps only.

so i called my service provider, he checked with his laptop & got 250-270kbps & transfer rate of 30kbps.

There is some problem in my pc.

Please help me to get my speed back & also to use utorrent 1.8 versions

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upload is set to 22k. if i allow it reaches 25-33KBps

But upload speed showed 130-170kbps.

pc configuration pentium 3- 550Mhz, 320MB Ram.

modem/router- Beetel 220BX, connected to NIC.

slow speed after some security update.

Torrents has more than 1000+ seeds & peers.

Port forward is good. green circle.

Please someone help me to get correct speed.

I request moderator to delete this post, since no one answering, i repost it in speed problems.

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